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Linux security and system hardening checklist

By seeing the system from the inside out, it can provide more specific details than the average vulnerability scanner. There is a wide range of blogs available that write about Linux and security. They can help greatly in finding new techniques to further increase your security defenses. During the boot process, a so-called bootloader is one of the components that is started first. Hardening the operating system means changes to its configuration will happen.

Although there are several combinations possible, it is not fine-grained. Most Linux distributions use the modular framework named PAM, which is short for pluggable authentication module. The framework allows configuring most of the settings related to authentication, such as where to check that a user or account exists.

Mastering Linux Security and Hardening – Second Edition

To help with securing a Linux system there is a variety of tools available. Useful for system hardening are auditing tools as they perform a health scan of the system and define room for improvement. Additionally useful are tools that actually also implement some of the hardening measures.

In the area of system operations or information security, the usage of any checklist requires a serious warning. Implementing the listed security measures only makes your system more secure if done correctly. There are no ’10 things’ that are the best, as it depends linux hardening and security lessons strongly on each system and its purpose. When you come across other checklists with a number in the title, then most likely it’s not a real checklist. Like hardening and securing an operating system, a good checklist requires dedication and a lot of work.

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  • Sometimes these changes might impact performance, but typically they may result in something like the inability to connect to a system, log in, or retrieve data from an application.
  • This course will not only teach you the security concepts and guidelines that will keep your Linux servers safe, it will walk you through hardening measures step-by-step.
  • This means, testing and installing any updates that are announced as security updates.
  • It ensures that even if data is intercepted or accessed by unauthorized persons, it remains unreadable and secure.
  • This can be achieved through configuration changes, applying patches, and using security-focused kernel extensions.
  • You’ll also learn how to enforce strong passwords and manage account and password expirations.

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